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MT3D uses the powder bed laser beam technology to produce 3D printed parts in different types of Stainless steel and Titanium. Nikkel based alloys, Tool steels and other weldable materials are possible but not produced on daily basis. In that respect MT3D is focused and specialised in printing small, very complex parts with very high accuracy (55µm beam spot and 20-90µm layers).

MT Group

MT3D is part of the Metal Technics Group (a group of metalworking companies active in precision sheet metal and precision machining). At MT all different options are looked at to realise the production of a part.  We strive to use every technology for its advantages and combine technologies to realise the part or sub-assemblies in the best cost-effective way. "It makes no sense to print the housing of a heatexchanger." Combining metal 3D printing for the internal complex geometry, with sheet metal work for the housing, is a very interesting combination to reduce cost and improve functionality for this type of applications.

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3E – Bike Flame3D