Metal Technics 3D is your total solution provider in the metal 3D printing sector!

Metal 3D printing technologies (electron beam, laser beam, laser free forming, ...) are non-disruptive, but complementary to the conventional manufacturing technologies. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of this technology will bring you closer to the right applications. When used for the appropriate purposes, metal 3D printing will increase performance of your processes and applications and can imply serious cost reductions.

Metal Technics 3D was founded in 2015 in response to the growing gap between the possibilities presented by metal 3D printing and the engineering expertise required to apply this technology. Many companies, developers and engineers are aware of the new technology however fail to see the direct long-term advantages and applicability. Even many metal 3D printing companies fail to find the right applications to run their machines at capacity.

Metal Technics 3D can:
- help potential customers in understanding the long-term advantages and applicability of the different metal printing technologies
- support the engineering and design work for your application.
- facilitate production of your part, either in-house or in conjunction with partner companies, depending on the required technology

Metal Technics 3D is committed to:
- fast and reliable delivery
- client centricity
- A-Z client support
- loyalty and professionalism
- developing long-term relationships
- advocating excellence in metal 3D printing

As a service provider, our philosophy is to find a way to help our clients when they need it most, regardless of the situation. Our principle of delivering A-Z client support starts with our first discussion, through the project initiation and up to the manufacturing phase – this approach represents the only way to ensure nothing is "lost in translation" and to fully understand and deliver in line with our clients' specifications and requirements. MT3D always strives for the best solution for our customers by cultivating a long-term relationship, rather than focusing on our in-house activities.

Thomas Bossuyt, Founder and President of MT3D, initially gained metal 3D printing experience through research work at the Catholic University of Leuven (researching a variety of supporting methods to control the thermal stresses resulting from the high welding temperatures of the metal printing process). Having collaborated with the company for his research work, Thomas joined the innovative metal 3D printing company LayerWise which is active in both equipment development and part production. Thomas' focus was on business development and engineering for the Benelux, UK, Germany and selected other European markets. Following the acquisition of LayerWise by the US-based 3D Systems in September 2014, Thomas was transferred to Atlanta, Georgia where he was instrumental in successfully establishing 3D Systems' presence in metal 3D printing in North America. Thomas currently works full-time for MT3D, with the goal of growing the company to a total solution provider for metal 3D printing.