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At MT3D we have the right knowledge and expertise of the different metal 3D printing technologies (DMLS/SLM/DMP, EBM, LFM, 3DP,…) to find the optimal solution for our clients' manufacturing challenges. A thorough understanding of  the strengths and drawbacks of each technology is critical, also for the traditional manufacturing technologies. Our goal is to help our clients select the most suitable technique for each application, independently of our in-house manufacturing capabilities. It is our ambition to develop long-term solutions, yielding the best possible results.

Metal 3D Printing Technologies

The different methods of melting metal layer by layer:

All 5 technologies have their benefits and drawbacks.
Only an experienced design engineer with in depth knowledge of the different metal printing technologies is able to make the right choice of technology for a corresponding application.


Depending on the technology that suits your application the following capabilities need to be taken into account:





We are here to help you in making the right choices of technology.
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For every metal 3D printing technology many different names exist: 3DP DMLS SLM DMP Laser Cusing EBM EBAM LFM LMD... The main reason for this is that equipment manufacturers like to claim a trade name for their technology. Norms and standardization are therefore critical and urgently needed in the sector. You can find hereby a short overview of the different names used across the industry:



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